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2022 Bobcat Awards:

An All-Grades Scholarship Program

Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Recipients

SENIORS, Erin June, Courtney Lee & Gabriel Robinson

Junior, Hannah Weber

Sophomore, Caroline White

Freshmen, Solomon Broiles


  • Must be a currently enrolled Battlefield High School student in good standing.

  • Must have one parent or guardian as a member of the BHS PTO. If you have not yet joined the PTO you can do so for as low as $15. Please go to our Store to Join Today!

The Awards

Three $1,000 awards for seniors; $750 for one junior; $500 for one sophomore; and $250 for one freshman.

The Application

Essay Topic will be chosen and published in January 2023. One submission per student please.

The Selection

Members of the selection committee are not affiliated with Battlefield High School or the PTO. Readers will not know the identity of the writer.    

The Deadline

Friday April 1, 2023, with no exceptions.

The Results

All grade level recipients will be notified by the end of the school year.

The Application Process

  • Download a copy of the application online from

  • Save the application as a word document titled:    (FIRST NAME)(Last NAME)PTOAPP.doc      (Example: KellySmithPTOAPP.doc)

  • Complete application with essay on Page 2. Don’t forget to sign it!

  • Submit complete, signed application in a SINGLE EMAIL to: no later than 4/1/23.         

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