Our Mission

The Battlefield High School Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit organization whose membership includes parents, legal guardians, faculty, and staff at Battlefield High School.

Our mission is to promote open and positive communication and understanding between parents and staff of Battlefield High School.  We also help fund projects the school budget cannot. Our efforts serve to enhance the educational opportunities and environment of all students attending this school. We hold fundraisers to provide financial assistance for various school clubs, events, and classrooms. In addition to financial support, we volunteer our time at school-wide events.  We organize teacher appreciation events to boost the morale of the faculty and staff and to support school and family social interaction. We believe that the team effort of a parent teacher organization offers the best possible learning environment for our students.

Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year.


Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. 


Meet Your 2022 - 2023 PTO Team


Stephanie Klein

Jennifer Heeter.jpg

Jennifer Meyers-Heeter

Vice President

Lori Perkins.jpg

Lori Perkins

This will be Jennifer's 4th year serving on the PTO Board. She previously held the Treasurer position and is excited to be in a new position this year.  Jennifer works full time as an accounting manager for a local government contractor and is a native to Northern VA. She is the mother of two Bobcats. Her oldest is a class of 2020 graduate who attends the University of Mary Washington and her youngest is in the class of 2025.  Jennifer also helps run the Senior After-Grad Celebration. She truly enjoys volunteering and being apart of the Bobcat community.

Lori is a Special Investigator with the Department of State, married to an amazing, athletic and hardworking man for 19 years and a proud mother of two very active boys. After 20 years of traveling around the world and state to state, for her husband’s job, they have finally made their permanent home in Haymarket, VA. Her oldest son is 14 yrs old, will be a freshman at Battlefield in the 2022/2023 yr and her youngest son is 10 yrs old, will be a 5th grader at Alvey Elementary. Away from work, Lori has actively volunteered at a variety of school/PTO events, volunteered in the classroom and has served as the classroom parent. This is Lori’s first time taking a position on the PTO board and she is looking forward to a new challenge in addition to working with this fun group of ladies, all the Bobcat parents and amazing students this upcoming year!  

Stephanie is mom to two kids - a senior at Battlefield and an 8th grader. In her free time, she's a software engineer for a government contractor. This will be Stephanie's second year on the PTO board.


Rachael Mihoc

yvtusy-pto_logo - Copy.jpg

Yubo Zhang




Victoria Banks

Victoria is a dedicated wife of a retired Marine Corps veteran and the proud mother of two boys. She has been an active community volunteer in both the Marine Corps and her sons’ schools. She has previously served as a PTO member—in fundraising, event planning, and hospitality. In 2016, Victoria and her family relocated to Haymarket from Stuttgart, Germany. Since arriving, she has continued her volunteering, joining the Bobcat community in 2019 as Hospitality Chair. With a rising Bobcat senior, Victoria will continue to serve as Hospitality Chair.


Monica Vignier

Compliance Officer
& Social Media Coordinator



Monica Vignier is a wife, attorney for the Federal government, and mom to four children: a 10th grader at Battlefield, a 8th grader at Reagan Middle, and 3rd and 5th graders at Gravely Elementary.  Monica spends most of her free time taking her kids to soccer, swim, basketball, and volleyball practices/games/meets, and loves traveling abroad when time permits.  This is Monica’s first year volunteering for the PTO, but likely won’t be her last, as she will be a Battlefield parent until 2032.

yvtusy-pto_logo - Copy.jpg

Ileana Mirabile

Volunteer Coordinator

Xanthe Larsen.jpg

Xanthe Larsen

Senior Scholarship Director

I am excited to be the scholarship chair for 2022-23 and help create opportunities to recognize some of BHS’s exceptional students.  I have three children, one who graduated from Battlefield and the Governor’s School in 2020 and is now a Science Research Fellow at Baylor University, one who will be a junior at Battlefield, and one who will be a freshman at Battlefield.  Fun fact about me: I tried my hand at homeschooling during Covid.  I gave that up when in-person school resumed and returned to practice as partner at the New York based law firm Harris Beach PLLC, which is much easier than homeschooling – kudos to all the homeschooling parents and our awesome BHS teachers for doing it so well.

Our Vision

Through the power of positive influence, the Battlefield HS PTO helps to ensure that every day, every student is safe, nurtured, encouraged and challenged to learn.


Communications Chair

The Communications Chair should use multiple methods to spread the word about all PTO happenings.  

They should act as a central hub to provide the who, what, where and how for everything!  


Membership Chair

Membership shall be responsible for securing members (both new and previous members). Membership shall proactively seek membership through various medias (newsletter, Web site, Friday note) as well as at PTO functions. Membership is responsible for the primary membership drive at Back-to-school day and also put together Class T-Shirt Membership Bundles.

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