Frequently Asked Qestions

Q-Do students use lockers?

A - A lot of students do not use lockers but they are available to your student. They just need to request that they would like one. Unlike in middle school, students are allowed to carry their book bags around with them during the day.

Q-What is the best place to get information regarding our school?

A-There are several different sources where you can get information. If you are on social media we suggest you follow these pages.  Please note that the "Families" & "Class" pages are all run by volunteer Bobcat parents. 


🖤Battlefield High School -This page is run by BHS administration

🖤Battlefield HS Families Facebook Page -run by volunteer Bobcat parents

🖤Freshman Class of 2025 Facebook Page-run by volunteer Bobcat parents

🖤Sophomore Class of 2024 Facebook Page-run by volunteer Bobcat parents

🖤Junior Class of 2023 Facebook Page-run by volunteer Bobcat parents

🖤 Senior Class of 2022 Facebook Page-run by volunteer Bobcat parents

🖤 Battlefield High School Athletic Booster Club-run by volunteer Bobcat parents



Why should you join the PTO?

Joining the PTO is a great way for you to show support for your child and to ensure he/she receives the best education possible. You can attend the PTO meetings, volunteer your time for PTO events and support the fundraising events to help educate your children. Your input is important to us. 


Battlefield High School PTO connects a community of learners, educators, administrators, and parents by sharing, supporting, and funding projects. Here are some examples of what your PTO accomplished during the 2020/2021 school year:

  • Donated $6,000 towards auditorium upgrades (school year 2019/2020);

  • Awarded $4,000 in Senior Scholarships;

  • Approved and donated more than $9,000 in teacher grants, including a $1,000 grant for a new Robotics lab, $2,484 to be used to tint the windows in the Library, $1,500 to the Literacy Lab ;

  • Funded monthly appreciation gifts to teachers, staff, and administrators, custodial staff and our bus drivers that totaled over $9,000;

The most common question we get asked is "do I have to attend the monthly PTO meetings?

No, you are not required to attend the monthly one hour PTO meetings; however,  it is a great way for you to connect with the Bobcat community. 

As a PTO Member, do I have to sell anything?

No. We do not require our members to fund-raise to be a member  but we are always looking for good volunteers.

My child is a senior, what's the point of joining the PTO this year?
Every year the PTO awards three $1,000 scholarships to Battlefield Seniors.  In order for your student to be eligible for this scholarship their parent or guardian must be a member of the PTO by December 31st, 2021.